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Migration project HiX 6.1 to HiX 6.3 VieCuri Medical Centre

Together, Bob and Luuk form a powerful duo working on an EPD migration project at the VieCuri Medical Centre in Venlo. Bob is a novice consultant in the healthcare ICT field, while Luuk has more experience.
VieCuri Medewerkers
VieCuri Medewerkers

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Collaboration is key!

Bob and Luuk form a powerful duo committed to a fun project in the VieCuri Medisch Centrum in Venlo. Bob is a beginning consultant in healthcare ICT, where Luuk has more experience. The project they are working on is the migration of an existing Electronic Patient Record (EHR).

This migration is a system update aimed at updating content, improving operational efficiency, optimising patient care while complying with the latest regulations.

As Visiar HealthCare's Healthcare consultant, Luuk plays an important role in making strategic decisions and providing guidelines for the project within the VieCuri Medical Centre. In addition, he acts as a mentor and "buddy" for Bob. He shares his knowledge of the software system and the complexities of previous migrations. On the other hand, Bob brings fresh perspectives, an enthusiastic attitude and knowledge of modern technological trends within healthcare.

This highlights the importance of good cooperation between Bob and Luuk to achieve a good result!

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