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Training “Expressies en overzichten” bij SEIN

Met genoegen kijken we terug op de 'Expressies en overzichten' training bij Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland. Tijdens de training hebben we diepgaand functioneel beheer verkend, afgestemd op de unieke uitdagingen binnen de epilepsiezorg. Inspirerende innovatie en uitdagende casuïstiek vormden het fundament van deze waardevolle leerervaring.

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Expressions and Overviews

Met voldoening kijken we terug op de recent afgeronde training ‘Expressies en overzichten’ gegeven bij Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland. It was a real pleasure to experience the eagerness to learn and dedication to functional management.

Tijdens de training hebben Guido and participants jointly explored the depth of functional management and tailored it to the unique challenges within epilepsy care. The liveliness and curiosity in the course, inspired by innovation and challenging case histories, formed the foundation of a valuable learning experience. The goal was to be able to both read and write expressions within the various modules of the Electronic Patient Record, which will allow you to optimise care processes. Combined with the management of overviews, SEIN was able to take a new step with the implementation of a complex healthcare information system.

We hope the knowledge gained will enrich your daily tasks and contribute to the further optimisation of care processes. Thank you for your active participation and we look forward to continued cooperation.

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