Guido Schulte Fischedick

Guido Schulte Fischedick

Guido sees plenty of opportunities to improve care

During his studies in human movement sciences, Guido Schulte was mainly interested in learning more about the human body. He was trained as a scientist but, like many of his fellow students, chose a job in the commercial world. 'Through a former fellow student, I ended up at an EPD software company. Of course, the consultancy work was not quite in line with my studies, but it turned out to be a fun way to explore the healthcare sector.'

No love at first sight

After more than six years, he thought it was nice; it was time for the next step. Guido went travelling and in the meantime was approached by former colleague Joeri. He went for an interview at Visiar HealthCare in B-Amsterdam, but it wasn't love at first sight. 'I had a nice interview, but was in doubt whether I should work at Visiar HealthCare. I also wanted to do something outside healthcare, possibly abroad. I also felt that the work at Visiar Healthcare was too much in line with my previous work, which I had finished. The start-up atmosphere did appeal to me, but I didn't yet have a good idea of the direction Arijan and Joeri's plans would take.'

The spark caught on

To broaden his view, Guido started talking to others outside the care sector. While on holiday, he thought it would be a shame to do nothing with his years of experience in healthcare. He started talking to Visiar HealthCare again. That's when the spark definitely struck. 'I thought: something is happening here, I need to be there. And it was absolutely right. I am glad I still chose to work as a healthcare consultant at Visiar HealthCare. There are quite a few gaps in everything to do with EHR that we can fill. I see more and more opportunities to do something good for healthcare and that gives me a lot of energy.'

Plenty of opportunities in healthcare

'You can build a great bridge between working in healthcare and consulting here. We are working with a social purpose, which motivates everyone who works at Visiar HealthCare. It is a close-knit club where you have to pick things up yourself, but where you have a lot of support from each other. Everyone is very helpful, relaxed and interested in others. Your opinion is valued and we build something beautiful together: more efficient care. If you only think about yourself, you have little business at Visiar HealthCare.'