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New employee: Dani

Nieuwe Werknemer

With a master's degree in 'Nutrition and Health' in her pocket, Dani started as a junior consultant, where she could start a project right away! Dani is eager to learn and likes to look at everything with fresh enthusiastic eyes, so she likes to tackle new challenges with both hands.

New employee: Maureen

Maureen nieuwe werknemer

Maureen is afgestudeerd in ‘Complex Systems Engineering & Management’ en start bij Visiar HealthCare als junior consultant. Ze is een positieve aanpakker die gestart is bij twee verschillende projecten. Ze wordt hierbij natuurlijk ondersteund door meerdere collega’s.

A year of collaboration with Kosovo!

Samenwerken Kosovo

When our mission began 2 years ago, we remained committed to implementing ICT in healthcare. This milestone reinforces our commitment to provide innovative solutions to our global community.