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The healthcare industry needs professionals who possess a blend of technological understanding and knowledge of the healthcare sector – individuals who can think critically, anticipate, solve problems, and occasionally ask tough questions. Those who understand that you can only achieve something by working together and combining different perspectives. With one singular goal: providing patients with the best possible healthcare. Does this sound like you? If so, we’d love to have you on our team.


Join us in improving healthcare

There is plenty of work to be done within healthcare. The primary mission is to ensure that healthcare providers have more time to practice their profession. This precious time is under pressure due to all the peripheral tasks they have to deal with. Your responsibility is to create space, extracting more value from technology and critically evaluate and enhance processes.


Interested in applying to Visiar HealthCare?

There is plenty of work at Visiar HealthCare. Which role or assignment aligns with your capabilities? There’s only one way to find out: by getting to know each other. Send us your resume, and we’ll schedule a meeting soon.

Unwind with a game during your break: that’s Visiar’s too!

Our office is situated in the inspiring B. Amsterdam, a bustling, creative hub for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses. It offers co-working spaces and office areas, with a gym and padel tennis courts conveniently located on the ground floor. Take a break and to hit the court for a productivity boost during or relax after work. It’s both fun and sporty!