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With this team, the quality of care is steadily improving.

Enthusiastic, independent, collaborative, and full of positive energy – that is what characterize a Visiar HealthCare employee. We are proud of our expanding team of healthcare consultants. There is always room for individuals with the same drive to make a positive impact in healthcare. Welcome!


More About Joeri...

Joeri’s fulfillment stems from witnessing the growth of his colleagues

He has been an integral part of Visiar’s inception, transitioning from a prominent EHR software corporation to a nimble startup. “From the very beginning, alongside Arijan, I embarked on the journey to establish Visiar’s success. Venturing into this realm of pioneering and entrepreneurship was a novel experience for me, yet it felt right from the outset. Our rapid growth trajectory continues, and what I find most gratifying is our team’s expansion with enthusiastic professionals who stand by each other through thick and thin.”

Supportive Colleagues

Joeri’s distinguishing trait lies in his innate connection to the concept of ‘care’. “While I had the opportunity to ascend to a leadership role at my previous employer, the role’s interpretation didn’t quite resonate with me. I yearned for a more expansive space to foster my own growth. When the opportunity arose to join Arijan in founding Visiar, it felt significantly more aligned. I came to realize that my focus was oriented towards others, and I take genuine delight in aiding colleagues’ development and witnessing their progress.”

Team Dynamics Fuel Success

Within Visiar, Joeri serves as a crucial point of contact for his colleagues. He excels when providing assistance to colleagues navigating challenges. “My role involves serving clients and supporting our team – it’s the perfect blend for me. This hands-on, proactive approach is well-suited to my disposition. Visiar’s triumph is intrinsically tied to our people. A well-coordinated team, individual growth, and a positive atmosphere – these are the pillars that truly enable us to offer our customers something valuable.”

Mutual Support

“Why should you consider a role at Visiar? Primarily, because you can truly make a substantial impact here. Our mission revolves around enhancing the work experience of healthcare providers, ultimately elevating the quality of healthcare. Moreover, at Visiar, we place greater emphasis on your character and aspirations than your past experiences. While qualifications are important, your mindset becomes the decisive factor. We stand up for one another and offer mutual support. If this resonates with you, we extend a warm invitation to join us.”

Joeri Kerssies
Consultant/Team lead

More About Mirte...

Mirte thrives in an environment fueled by ambition.

Transitioning from an OR assistant to a consultant wasn’t a hasty decision for Mirte, but it perfectly aligns with her character. “Contributing positively to healthcare in the Netherlands brings me immense satisfaction. While I enjoyed my role as a care provider in a hospital, I recognized that there were broader horizons in this sector where my skills could truly shine.”

Broadening Horizons

With a decade of experience in healthcare, Mirte’s journey evolved from nurse to OR assistant. However, she sensed that her path didn’t culminate here. Conversations with professionals outside the hospital led her to a healthcare secondment agency. “While being an OR assistant was fulfilling, I also felt constrained by its limitations. I yearned for broader developmental opportunities, no matter how much I enjoyed my role. Thus, I decided to explore further. Surprisingly, I transitioned to becoming a consultant for independent professionals within the healthcare sector, immersing myself in the world of business.”

Listening and Learning at Visiar

Mirte crossed paths with Arijan through LinkedIn, and it didn’t take long for her to recognize the potential for meaningful contributions at Visiar. “A personal connection with Arijan was immediate. His healthcare vision, his drive to transform Visiar into a professional and enthusiastic community, and his genuine interest in my aspirations were truly infectious. During my training period, I discovered my knack for bringing structure to this young startup. I’ve been learning and growing since day one. It’s intriguing that I’ve ventured into the realm of ‘ICT’ – something I hadn’t envisaged.”

Team Spirit Above All

“At Visiar, we seek trailblazers – ambitious individuals who push their professional boundaries and collaborate to establish an outstanding company. Why do I relish working at Visiar? Because I’m given the freedom to implement my own ideas, and because our team ethos is paramount. Even when working on an assignment independently, you’re never truly alone. A shared mindset, diverse personalities – this synergy fuels my energy.”

Mirte Lammers


More About Ivonne...

Ivonne revels in the autonomy of shaping her own growth.

While her path didn’t lead her to becoming a doctor, her profound connection to the medical realm remained. After pursuing studies in biomedical and health sciences, she embarked on a journey as a consultant for a healthcare software developer. This role delved into the intricate world of Electronic Patient Data (EPD) technology within hospitals. “Bridging the divide between healthcare and IT, and enhancing processes through technology, is what truly resonates with me.”

A Heart for Hospital Care

Her tenure at the EHR software developer lasted just over a year, as Ivonne sought to explore diverse industries and expand her knowledge. “I found the scope of my role as a software consultant in healthcare too restrictive, prompting me to explore further avenues. This led me to a major corporate entity in business services. Yet, it became evident that the nature of the work wasn’t aligned with my aspirations. This intermediate phase served as a catalyst for realizing my true passion resides within healthcare, especially hospitals.”

Everything comes together at Visiar

Visiar HealthCare serves as the perfect amalgamation of Ivonne’s interests: engaging in multifaceted projects within her favored sector, all while collaborating with a dynamic team of ambitious and enthusiastic professionals. “The intricacies of medical processes within hospitals captivate me. At Visiar, I oversee IT projects in hospital settings, encompassing coordination, organization, and more technically-oriented tasks. The advisory role suits me impeccably, and witnessing healthcare professionals perceive technology as a means to enhance their efficiency and work experience is truly gratifying.”

Warm Startup Environment

“Visiar HealthCare is an inviting, small, and steadily growing company, brimming with amiable colleagues. A shared passion for healthcare and ICT drives us as we diligently work to streamline hospital care processes. This environment allows ample room for charting one’s personal growth trajectory while actively contributing to the company’s expansion. For me, the most rewarding aspect is being part of crafting something remarkable within a positive atmosphere. Fridays are highly anticipated – when the entire team gathers at our B-Amsterdam office, the cozy startup ambiance comes to life.”

Ivonne Heideman

More About Guido...

Guido sees plenty of opportunities to improve healthcare

Guido Schulte’s academic journey in Human Movement Sciences ignited his quest to unravel the complexities of the human body. Trained as a scientist, Guido, like many of his peers, transitioned into the corporate world upon completing his studies. “Through a former classmate, I found my way to an EPD software company. While consultancy work deviated somewhat from my academic background, it provided an intriguing window into the healthcare sector.”

Not Love at First Sight

After more than six years in his role, Guido sensed the call for a new chapter. Embarking on travel adventures, he was approached by his former colleague, Joeri. While an interview with Visiar HealthCare in B-Amsterdam was promising, it wasn’t an immediate match. “Our conversation was pleasant, yet I remained uncertain about joining Visiar. I contemplated exploring opportunities beyond healthcare, possibly abroad. I also held reservations about aligning with my prior work’s trajectory, which I was seeking to move away from. The startup ambiance intrigued me, but I awaited a clearer picture of Arijan and Joeri’s vision.”

The Spark Ignites

Seeking diverse perspectives, Guido explored dialogues with entities outside the healthcare realm. Amidst his holiday contemplation, he recognized the potential in leveraging his years of healthcare experience. Rekindling discussions with Visiar, the spark finally ignited. “It dawned on me that something remarkable was unfolding here, something I needed to be a part of. My intuition was spot on. Opting to work as a healthcare consultant at Visiar has proven to be a fulfilling choice. There’s a multitude of gaps within the realm of EHR that we’re poised to fill. The prospect of making meaningful contributions to healthcare fuels my energy.”

Abundant Healthcare Opportunities

“Visiar offers a substantial bridge between healthcare practice and advisory roles. We are aligned with a societal goal that motivates every member of our team. It’s a tight-knit community where initiative is encouraged, and support is abundant. Colleagues are exceptionally helpful, relaxed, and genuinely interested in one another. Your insights carry weight, and together, we’re shaping something remarkable – more streamlined and efficient healthcare. If self-centeredness is your disposition, Visiar may not be the right fit.

Guido Schulte Fischedick

More About Luuk...

Luuk switched from nurse to consultant

Luuk’s journey from nurse to EHR consultant at Visiar HealthCare is a testament to his dynamic career evolution. With a background as a nurse in diverse hospitals, including Switzerland, Luuk Ederveen found immense fulfillment in his role for many years. However, a desire for change prompted him to explore new horizons. “Following my time abroad, I yearned for something fresh. Relocating back to the Netherlands sparked contemplation about a career transition.”

Intensive Collaboration

Leaving the hospital environment behind, Luuk transitioned to a prominent healthcare software developer. As a consultant, he guided healthcare professionals through EHR migrations, particularly focusing on surgical records. This guidance often occurred remotely. “Assisting healthcare professionals in EPD implementation, leveraging my fluency in their language, enabled me to offer clear instructions and explanations. Yet, I found myself missing the hospital atmosphere. I desired a more profound engagement with healthcare professionals, beyond mere instruction and departure.”

Best of both worlds

Visiar HealthCare emerged as the ideal nexus of Luuk’s aspirations, marrying the realms of healthcare ICT and the hospital environment. “My heart lies within healthcare; I’m deeply committed to effecting improvements. This aligns seamlessly with Visiar’s mission – a resolute commitment to enhancing healthcare efficiency. Moreover, I relish the prospect of once again closely collaborating with healthcare professionals, experiencing firsthand the impact of our endeavors.”

Homecoming to Visiar

Luuk’s connection with Visiar was instantaneous, established during his initial meeting. “Our dialogue was truly two-sided; I sensed a genuine interest from the outset. Arijan’s enthusiastic narrative resonated deeply with me. We constitute a small, ambitious community in rapid growth. Fresh colleagues swiftly assimilate into our fold, truly becoming part of the team. Here, you’re encouraged to innovate, contribute, and experiment. While client interaction is pivotal, the anticipation of reuniting with the entire Visiar team at the office generates a sense of camaraderie akin to family.”

Luuk Ederveen

More About Bob...

Bob prefers to work on the business side of healthcare

While Bob’s father embraced a surgical path, Bob’s fascination with the business facet of healthcare steered him in a different direction. Evoking a distinct “medical passion,” he pursued a Master’s in Health Policy at the Free University of Amsterdam. ‘Visiar offers me every opportunity to expand my knowledge of complex care processes.’

Navigating Healthcare Costs

During his internship at Amsterdam’s OLVG, Bob identified opportunities for substantial healthcare cost reductions. Conversations with a pharmacist illuminated the equivalence between private-label and pricier medications. “How do we navigate financial aspects within healthcare? This question enthralls me. Although I’m at the inception of my career, I’m acutely attuned to this theme. It addresses a significant societal concern, inviting me to deliberate potential solutions.”

Abundance of Responsibilities

Though he explored opportunities with prominent consulting firms, Bob felt the magnetic pull of Visiar’s environment. Following a positive interaction, he embarked on the startup journey. “Embarking on this venture with a small company was somewhat nerve-wracking. I questioned my decision at times. Yet, the resounding answer was ‘yes.’ As long as my personal growth is facilitated, it’s unequivocally the right path. The magnitude of responsibilities I embrace here surpasses what a larger consultancy would afford me.”

It’s Alright

‘Sometimes we look at each other at Visiar and think ‘it’s all right’. Mutual affinity, positive energy, and collaborative support define our dynamic. When I work on an assignment for a client, I know that there is always a team behind me that I can ask for help, advice and support. The great thing about this is that the customer also sees this and therefore has a lot of confidence in Visiar as a team. Where will we be in two years? No idea. But we all see the enormous potential of this small, energetic company.’ 

Bob de Zoete

More About Sebastiaan...

Sebastiaan wants to make technology work for healthcare providers

Sebastiaan’s vision is firmly rooted in the belief that technology should empower healthcare providers, enabling them to spend less time behind the screens and more time delivering care at the bedside. With a background in physiotherapy and a deep affinity for ICT, Sebastiaan seamlessly integrates into his role as a Visiar consultant. “Our focus centers on leveraging technology to enhance the lives of healthcare providers. Our work is fundamentally about people, not just computers.”

Harmonizing Computers and People

Sebastiaan became a physiotherapist, but did not want to continue doing this for the rest of his life. He also had other interests, so he went to coding school. ‘That was the other end of the spectrum and I didn’t see myself building a career in this field either. I am handy with computers and I like working with people. I wanted to do more with that combination. I knew Joeri through my former employer and I came into contact with Arijan. I soon saw in Visiar the ideal opportunity to make a difference in the professional lives of healthcare providers.’

The Expert at the Table

As a Visiar consultant, Sebastiaan empowers healthcare institutions to harness ICT in more intelligent ways. His role encompasses guiding hospital professionals in transitioning complex care processes to digital applications or adapting to new iterations of EPD systems. “What truly resonates with me about my role is the direct collaboration with healthcare providers. I’m the designated expert at the table, perpetually engaging in strategic discussions with them. How can we improve? What do you require? These interactions with amiable, laid-back professionals infuse me with boundless energy. Hospitals possess significant untapped potential in terms of processes, policies, and strategies. In this domain, Visiar is primed to play a pivotal role.”

Exceeding Expectations

‘The atmosphere at Visiar is great. Everyone is easy going, very social and we are always there for each other. We all go that extra mile. For the team, but also for our customers. We want to play a role in the world of ICT and healthcare. And that will definitely happen, especially with this fantastic team and the new colleagues joining us.’

“There is still a lot to be gained when it comes to processes within hospitals.”

Sebastiaan is handy with computers and enjoys working with people. The ideal mix that he needs as a Visiar expert to improve processes within hospitals.

Sebastiaan de Haan

More About Arijan...

Arijan empowers his team with complete trust

Arijan is more than an entrepreneur; he’s a force for positive change with a profound commitment to societal well-being. He immersed himself in the processes of hospitals in particular and started Visiar HealthCare. ‘I noticed that healthcare professionals could get more out of ICT, which gave them more room for the patient. Our Visiar team gives healthcare workers more confidence in the technology. Contributing to better care in the Netherlands, that’s what we do it all for.’

Fostering Growth

Arijan dedicates himself daily to the company’s growth, but his greatest source of fulfillment lies in the continuous development of his team. “The foundation of Visiar HealthCare is rooted in the desire to make a meaningful impact on healthcare. While an entrepreneur must always balance commercial endeavors to run and expand a successful business, my paramount focus is our people at Visiar. They are the heartbeat of our company. I’m fully committed to nurturing their growth into the finest versions of themselves.”

Trust is the Foundation

Collaborating with Arijan assures unwavering support.’I think it’s important to give everyone confidence. That also means that sometimes I have to let go, something that I’m getting better and better at. You can also go crazy here, but that will only make you better. Failures lay the groundwork for success, and here, you’re entrusted with responsibilities to make your mark. Joeri and I stand alongside you, guiding and assisting as needed. We’ve observed our team flourish within this secure and nurturing atmosphere.”

Unity in Mutual Support

“I am incredibly proud of the team we have put together in such a short time. And we’re not there yet. Visiar is growing fast and we are looking for many more enthusiastic, motivated people who have the same mentality at the core. Diversity is our strength; we value a team enriched by a lot of perspectives. The most important thing is that we help each other. In that sense, we have the same blood group as healthcare workers: everything revolves around caring for others. The mutual atmosphere at Visiar is great. Hard work and fun go hand in hand here. With this team we can take on the whole world.’

Arijan Krasniqi

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