Maureen Zwart

Maureen Zwart

From broad to specific

While studying Technology, Policy and Management, where there were actually few direct links to healthcare, Maureen started the multi-faceted ICT track: "It offered me the freedom to go in all directions." The spark for healthcare struck during the minor Med Tech Based Entrepreneurship, which focused on developing a product in healthcare. It gained depth in the final phase of the master's in Complex Systems Engineering and Management, where the choice fell on a thesis on platform development in primary care. Here, Maureen experienced that she gets energy from creating solutions that make patients and healthcare providers have a more pleasant, efficient, and effective healthcare relationship.

Just a little bit different

The fact that Maureen now works at Visiar HealthCare was not the most obvious choice for her, as many fellow students opted for larger consultancies or traineeships. Maureen came into contact with Visiar HealthCare via via. Talking to the team was the deciding factor: "Here, I feel one hundred per cent at ease". The team gave Maureen confidence for a very instructive and enjoyable time. The quick application process reinforced the feeling that this is a team full of go-getters.

Creativity in practice

Working at Visiar HealthCare offers Maureen an opportunity to gain knowledge of complex healthcare processes. The combination with looking for the right support through innovative ICT systems and platforms allows Maureen to put her solution-oriented creativity to practical use. The search for the answer to the question, "How do we bring IT and care processes closer together?" motivates Maureen. "The dynamic and promising nature of Visiar HealthCare, coupled with its start-up character, make my work here both lively and promising."