Frequently Asked Questions

“We appreciate a challenging question every now and then.”

What is more important for a Visiar HealthCare consultant: knowledge of IT or the healthcare sector?

A balance of both is essential. However, we place greater emphasis on your interpersonal abilities. As a healthcare consultant, you are the bridge between technology and healthcare. This necessitates a grasp of how needs and interests align with technological solutions.

How long does a project typically last?

The duration varies significantly. Hospitals are typically our primary clients. On average, you work with a client for anywhere between three to twelve months. It depends on the complexity of the assignment, personal development, and more.

For which clients do you work?

Primarily hospitals. We are in the process of expandig our client base to other healthcare institutions. However, our consultants are currently focused on Electronic Health Records (EHR) and are predominantly active within hospital settings.

I've just graduated. Is it worth applying at Visiar HealthCare?

Cartainly! We welcome applications from recent graduates. While work experience can be an advantage, we value fresh talent and are open to considering candidates who have recently completed their studies and are eager to contribute to our team. Feel free to submit your application.

What study should I have completed to become a consultant at Visiar?

Most of our consultants possess healthcare-related educational backgrounds. However, it is a must that you have some form of affinity with IT because ultimately, you will need to find technology-driven solutions.

Who do I work with as a consultant at a client site?

You work in a multidisciplinary manner with various departments. You should be able to do this, and it makes your work so diverse. In your independent role, you have little to do with hospital politics. What you do need to handle well are conflicting interests. Effectively managing internal sensitivities and conflicts is frequently part of your responsibilities.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!